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HiFis with MP3 PlaybackAn MP3 player or MP4 media player allows you to carry all your music or videos on you when you need them and there are some very cheap deals out there now.


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More commonly referred to as an MP3 player, a digital audio player or "DAP" is a portable, handheld digital music player that stores, organizes and plays MP3 and often other audio files. Most DAPs are powered by rechargeable batteries, some of which are not user replaceable. Listening to music stored on DAPs is typically done through earphones, but external speakers and docking stations are also available.

Digital audio players are generally categorized by storage media:

Flash-based Players These are non mechanical solid state devices that hold digital audio files on internal flash memory or removable flash media called memory cards. Due to technological advancements in flash memory, these originally low-storage devices are now available commercially ranging up to 16 GB. Because they are solid state and do not have moving parts they require less battery power and may be more resilient to hazards such as dropping or fragmentation than hard disk-based players. Basic MP3 player functions are commonly integrated into USB flash drives.

Hard drive-based Players or Digital Jukeboxes Devices that read digital audio files from a hard disk drive (HDD). These players have higher capacities currently ranging up to 160 GB. At typical encoding rates, this means that thousands of songs perhaps an entire music collection can be stored on one player. Because of the storage capacity, devices that also display video and pictures are often hard disk drive based. Such multi-media devices are usually called portable media players (PMPs).

MP3 CD Players Portable CD players that can decode and play MP3 audio files stored on CDs.